12-Oct-2022 to 10-Nov-2022
Faculty Induction Programme 9
22-Nov-2022 to 21-Dec-2022
Faculty Induction Programme 10
01-Feb-2023 to 02-Mar-2023
Faculty Induction Programme 11
23-Feb-2023 to 24-Mar-2023
Faculty Induction Programme 12
29-Jun-2022 to 12-Jul-2022
Indian Languages and Literature
29-Jul-2022 to 11-Aug-2022
Commerce and Management
14-Sep-2022 to 27-Sep-2022
Biological Science
15-Sep-2022 to 28-Sep-2022
Library Science
05-Jan-2023 to 18-Jan-2023
Development Economics, History & Philosophy ( Inter/ Multi-Disciplinary Course)
16-Nov-2022 to 29-Nov-2022
Teacher Educators: Learning Outcomes and educational reform - Pedagogy, Assessment and Quality Assur
05-Jan-2023 to 18-Jan-2023
Mathematics, statics and Computer Science
01-Dec-2022 to 14-Dec-2022
Winter School in Physics and Chemistry
21-Feb-2023 to 06-Mar-2023
Summer School in Social Science
08-Mar-2023 to 10-Mar-2023
MOOC's & Open Educational Resources
14-Jul-2022 to 20-Jul-2022
Disaster Management & Climate Change - I
23-Aug-2022 to 29-Aug-2022
Gender Studies
28-Oct-2022 to 03-Nov-2022
Human Rights & RTI Act
06-Dec-2022 to 12-Dec-2022
Biodiversity & Ecology
19-Jan-2023 to 25-Jan-2023
Research Methodology - Science
19-Jan-2023 to 25-Jan-2023
Research Methodology - Social Science & Humanities
01-Mar-2023 to 07-Mar-2023
Disaster Management & Climate Change - II
16-Jun-2022 to 16-Jun-2022
Workshop on "NEP 2020 : Implementation Plan: Strategic action Plan and Goals"
20-Aug-2022 to 20-Aug-2022
27-Aug-2022 to 27-Aug-2022
17-Sep-2022 to 17-Sep-2022
Artificial Intelligence
24-Sep-2022 to 24-Sep-2022
Machine Learning
03-Nov-2022 to 03-Nov-2022
Data Analytics
20-Nov-2022 to 20-Nov-2022
Yoga and Wellness
30-Jul-2022 to 30-Jul-2022
Disaster Management Post Covid